Thursday, April 9, 2009

Don't Blame Me I Voted McCain

You know I was thinking about politics today. I never really talk about my views but it seems like it’s needed at times. I am a quiet politic person, I pay attention to things around me. I pay attention to what I vote for and listen to what people say about things. But I am not one of those people who speaks up about what I believe in. Because I don’t like to create fights and I don’t want to make people upset with things that I believe in. But today in history we were talking about Vietnam war. It’s amazing thought to hear what happened then and see what is so similar to what goes on in the Iraq war. It was so sad seeing the pictures from the Vietnam war but in truth some of the pictures are similar to the ones that are shown through the Iraq war. It’s been amazing though to think that six years ago the war started. I remember the day it started it was on my best friend’s birthday. We didn’t know what it meant and look we are still in it. I think the war was an okay thing to start from. It’s odd to feel that, but some of the ways of Obama wants like tell the public to pull the troops by such and such date was stupid and idiotic of him. Let’s just tell the people we are fighting against the date and to let them know to hold off until we leave. It’s just a headache and a half really.
There are several things about Obama that I don’t like and I disagree on. Like how he is handling the situation of money of the nation. I don’t think it’s helping but I think it’s creating more problems then what it is worth. We seem to be getting worse that even now Teachers are feeling the effects. My home school district who has one of the best education is starting to lay off teachers. I worry for the feeling that my mom might be losing her job. But not only that I worry that I won’t be able to get a job when I get out of school. It’s just I worry about everything when the job market is low. My friends are going to be going out there looking for jobs as well as my own. We have to pay back loans as quick as possible which makes things difficult. It’s just so difficult.
Well, this weeks is going. It’s just sometimes I wish I was home rather then here at school. Lately my home is when I am with Stephen. He is my light and my stronghold. When I am around him things don’t seem to matter. But right now he is down with a sick and it sounds like a nasty cold at that. I feel horrible that I am not there with him to take care of him and perhaps give him a back rub. I can’t wait to go home tomorrow afternoon.


Freddy sat at the dinner table staring at the noodle salad on his plate. It had all sorts of colors of green, yellow, and reds. Freddy told his mother earlier that he swore it had some eyes and legs in the salad as well. She told him to eat his dinner. Freddy watched the clock on the wall slow down to every millisecond be a second. He glanced out the window and saw that not only did the sun go down perhaps hours ago but it was a full moon shining out. Perhaps he thought that he salad changed everyone around him to being werewolves. No way was he going to be turned into a werewolf. The door to the kitchen clicked loudly and swung unnaturally on its hook. Freddy shielded his eyes as he swore his mother or father, perhaps older brother came down to eat him.

“Freddy, what are you doing,” His mother stood there in the light of the kitchen. She shook her head and noticed the food was still there, “Just try it and you can leave the table.”

“No, because I’ll be turned into a werewolf,” Freddy said looking back towards the full moon which his mother followed his gaze. Her chuckle was low and more like a growl that Freddy glanced quickly at his mother. There she stood with her hands on her hips looking normal other then her brown hair was more wirily and down her back then pulled back into a pony tail. Her brown eyes had slight yellowish hint to them and Freddy’s eyes widen at the sight.

“Freddy, just eat your salad. You will like it and you used to eat it.”

“I never eat this stuff, look it’s weird looking,” Freddy said.

“The noodles just have their own flavors. Take a bite.”

“But mom, I don’t want to be a werewolf,” Freddy said. His mother shook her head and her mane swish along side her back as she left the kitchen. Within minutes the door opened to reveal a shorter werewolf. The werewolf looked at his brother and chuckled, “Hey Freddy, still haven’t eaten any huh?”

“No…,” Freddy said then murmured under his breath, “I don’t want to be a werewolf.” His brother turned and looked at him with grim face and he opened his mouth to say something and then close it. He then glanced at the kitchen door and then leaned down to Freddy’s ear and said, “If you eat it then you will be a werewolf and I won’t eat you in your sleep.”

“You wouldn’t eat me.”

“You smell mighty tasty to me.”

“Oh no,” Freddy said. His brother smiled evil and walked back into the living room with a slight bounce to his step. Freddy looked down at his plate and sighed. He then put some of the noodles and the brown stuff on his fork. He closed his eyes as he neared his fork towards his mouth. When the noodles and tuna touched his tongue, Freddy sighed in relief at how good it tasted. He chewed it up and swallowed it. As he finished the whole plate he realized that perhaps his mother was right it was good and tasty. He closed his eyes as he chewed another bite. When his plate was clean his mother came back to check on him and looked his plate, “Freddy, you ate it all.”

“I didn’t want Randy to eat me,” Freddy said.

“Did you like it?”

“Yeah, you were right that I would. I trust you now.”

“That’s good.”

“I might try more food now,” Freddy said with a smile.

“Don’t push it so soon,” His mother said with a smile. Freddy put his plate in the sink and then went into the living room knowing for once that night he was not going to be eaten by his family of werewolves because he was just like them.

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