Thursday, June 10, 2010

Feel the Rain

So life for me (Kendra) has been a bit slow. I have been able to relax and chill this summer which for me is nice. But it seems like my body doesn't like that at all as of lately. I have been having severe flairs of my RA...enough in my back that leaves me laying down and crying my eyes out. Stephen, bless his soul, has never seen me like that unless it was when a joint popped out but that gets better soon after joint pops back in. But he didn't know what to do that he even said we might want to go to er. I felt bad because when it's in your back and it's bad you can't move much. What was worse it was my upper back so twisting around to talk to someone behind you killed me or even picking something up. So we handled that as best as we could and figured out what happened...haha...looks like I won't be wearing sports bras to bed anymore...Stephen said exactly where my sports bra straps are on my back is where it was puffed up...finally that calmed down where I am able to move without wincing left shoulder flaired. I couldn't brush my Stephen took care of it. Then..a few days later shoulder was better but now it's my left elbow. Which is still pretty bad. I feel bad that I can't help pick up the house as much.
So why is all my joints acting up on could be because the weather here is up and down and stormy. Finally today there is some sunshine like yesterday. But storms are expected this weekend. It's been raining so much that places are flooding. Thankfully you can see the street outside my house still..expect when it rains. So I love taking storm pictures and in the past have been featured on weather stations with them. between two storms I went outside and snapped pictures of 06/08/10 storm.

So yesterday, Stephen and I went and did some laundry at the laundry mat. Since I have been stuck at the apartment. I asked Stephen if we can go walk at the zoo that's here. It's totally free and totally worth going it's neat and small. We started to notice that...there is a lot of cars at the veteran memorial park. So we went to check it out since it was across the street. It seems that the whole town found amusement at crossing an old bridge across a river to watch the river which is flooded bad...go by. also people thought it was a perfect fishing time. So...I didn't have my camera because it was spur of the moment but I did have my I took some pictures of the rushing was so neat.


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