Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Thoughts on Father's Day

So I like to talk about serious subjects at times on my blog. Stephen very little knows what I type about. I tend to let things go but things that go through my mind. Like lately it's about father's. Father Day is coming up and everyone in the United States celebrate it I don't know about other countries. Father Day is important for children and wives to show their love and to remember how much the father has been doing for the family. I never really had much of a father growing up. It's kind of weird growing up without a father to tell the truth. Sure to have me made there was a man involved but he's a creep and a plain no body. But the truth I never really got that much experience in being round a real father.
Except last year when my future father-in-law had everyone over. But it was really weird the first father day that I went through. I am usually one of those people that hide on father's day and tell everyone come and get me when it's over. Last year was hard for me. I watched my in-law siblings and their father enteract. I felt like I was on the back burner. I felt odd and really out of place in their living room. I do recall I even cried because I picked up a book about what a father does for his kids. It made realize that I missed out on a lot of things. This father's day will even be hard. For the reason that Stephen will want to go home for his father which we should go. But i will be feeling awkard. Stephen doesn't understand my feelings. He just says, " you have a father." Yeah, but I don't have those experiences that you celebrate. I can't hide anymore...I have to celebrate father's day.
It will be different when Stephen and I have kids. Because then as a wife I will get the pleasure in celebrating father's day with my husband who is a father creating our own memories. I guess...till then I will have to suffer.


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Pam said...

Thanks for following me! I've just read through the front page of your blog here, and I can SO relate to the words coming out better on paper than out loud. Especially with my in-laws!
Can't wait to hear more from you!