Thursday, May 20, 2010


Man it's been so far not as a busy summer but then again Stephen and I didn't have a car to go anywhere. But the summer we have planned isn't all that busy anyways. We planned to go to Manhatten to see my sister Christy and her family a couple times this summer and watch my niece Abriana and nephew Calvin play baseball. Also watch Abbi grow and hit all of her first which I expect a lot will be this summer. But also take a trip to Olathe to see the rest of the family. Also go to my nephew Dallas baseball games in Gardner. Then in August the weekend before school starts we will be headed to Michigan my whole family to see my cousin Ronnie get married to the love of his life Karyn. It's been amazing to just relax this summer. But also i am going to work on getting healthy and geting a routaine in place for when school comes back.
Oh did I say that we finally have a car. It's a neat car other then now the drivers side window won't roll up. Opps. But it's really neat and it makes me feel like we have money. But it's a nice car and really comfy to be in and the blinkers work. Hopefully though no one will back up into in this car. Hopefully...
So...I have been working on Stephen's present for our anniversery. We don't have money so...been making it. It's been amazing that it's almost our first wedding anniversery. Lately I keep trying to figure out why he picked me. Because in my eyes I am not beautiful and I am not anything to look at. Last night it dawned on me that I never had the for sure thing that he will not leave me for someone better. I actually had several nightmares about it last night.
This morning Stephen told me why he chose me and it made me feel so lucky to have a husband like him. We have been through our ups and downs in our relationship but sometimes you have to go through that to get to where we are now. I do hope though that my present will show him how much love I put through it. I really do hope he will like it.


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