Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trip to Home Town

Man...last weekend was nice and relaxing. We went to our home town where both of our parents live. We stayed at Stephen's parents house for Saturday and Sunday night since Stephen doesn't work till four p.m. On Saturday, we drove there down pour rain first time in the new car. The highway heading from our place to our home town has a weird sound when you drive on it. So since Stephen and I don't know the sounds with this car we stopped on the side of the highway not once, not twice, but three times on the highway. Poor Stephen had to get out of the car all three times in the down pour. We finally made it safetly to Stephen's parents house. We took his father to Sam's since Stephen and I have a Sam's card. Let me tell you it saves a lot of money. Then we dropped his father off at the house and Stephen and I headed to our favorite fast food Chic fila' they were having a thing going on to try a new sandwich we both bought two of them. We also went to the reception of one of my friends who just got married over the weekend.
On Sunday, Stephen and i woke up early and headed to church with his family. It was great to see everyone that I grew up with and see how things changed. Then after sacrement we went to stop by my mom's house and had breakfast with her. It was great visiting with her and I miss her tons living so far away and worry about it. We then went back to Stephen's parents house to celebrate Stephen's dad's birthday. We bought him the Batman movies for his birthday and father's day. We then had dinner with most of Stephen's siblings and families; Johanna and her fience Karl, Charlie, Scotty, Jimmy and his wife Natalie, and Andy and his wife Sarah and one of their kids Ami. It was really nice visiting with the family...
On Monday, Stephen got a hair cut then we stopped by chipotles for lunch then headed back home.

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