Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fun Week Went Into Stressful Week

So Stephen and I have been keeping our eyes out for the chance to move into a different apartment when our lease is up here at this apartment. We love this apartment but the landlord isn't doing the best that she should be doing. We have had our oven broken once and it took her three weeks to fix it. Never knew how much you miss your oven till it breaks. Then...our fridge stopped working which meant we lost half of our food. Yippee it took her two weeks to get someone here to look at it. Thankfully, we have my mini fridge here at our apartment. Then not long ago our fridge broke again which meant we lost everything again. This time she took a week for us to get a new fridge.
So last Friday we went out and started a major search. We went to a guy that's known to have apartments all over town and he prices way to high for anything that we like. Most of his places are small that's in our budget. So he was a no go. Stephen that morning went through some ideas and we went to a property selling place. They rent out several apartments so we thought to give them a try and bingo...we found the apartment we want so badly. Stephen and I decided to start saving up for the down and the first rent.
Monday happened...our landlord sent us something in the mail saying that our rent will increase up to 15 dollars when we renew our lease the first of August. My first thought was way a minute. I lived in the dorms from August 18th till a week or two after there's no way our lease is up in August. So now Stephen and I are stressfully trying to get enough money for the down and the first rent. Which means...no plans no presents no nothing for our first anniversery. We will be barely having enough food to last us for a couple of months. So...it's stressful. I am now busy packing and Stephen is trying to get as much hours as possible.
I have also broke down and applied for Walmart which I really don't want to but we are now having to pay people back and I want to get it done as soon as possible. I hate this feeling of someone oweing us. Can we ever catch a break...
Oh, Father's day also happened. We went back to church for the first time in a long time not because family was making us. It's so strange. I wanted to stay the whole time...but as soon as the last speaker was saying all the things a father does. I broke down...I couldn't handle it anymore. So we came home and Stephen made us some really good food. It's been hard...but such is life. I just hope Stephen and I can catch a break soon.

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