Friday, June 7, 2013

Dirty Kanza, park, concert, oh my!

Hey, So we are really enjoying the summer and this week was a lot of fun. Someone from our ward at church entered the Dirty Kanza here in town. It's a bicycle race that is 200, 110, and 50 miles race through the Flint Hills. It's a big event here and we really do support the people in the race. Well, Saturday the first of June we were trying to figure out what do for the evening. Stephen had the night off and we wanted to go enjoy the nice cool weather while we have it. just so happens while we were discussing. The person's wife posted that he was about 30min. out before he crossed the finish line downtown. So we quickly gathered the kids and ourselves and got to the finish line. We were there cheering him on as he crossed with tons of other people. We then enjoyed funnel cake and good conversation with people around us. It was nice to get to experience the race and cheer people on as they crossed the line. We were there when the first five from the 200 mile race crossed. Ginny enjoyed it all. We then grabbed a pizza and went home to spend time as a family. On Tuesday, we decided to make a night of having fun. Stephen went and bought a swing for Miles that usually is over 100 dollars and we got it for twenty dollars. Then we decided to head out to have dinner at Taco Bell. Ginny loves the cheese roll up and is now getting into soft tacos. We are excited to see if she will eat soft tacos at home. Anyways, we then headed to the park to play some. I was mostly sitting as I had Miles while Stephen chased Ginny around the park. Usually, she won't go down the slides at all. Not if she is with someone or by herself she had a phobia of slides. Anyways, she spent time in the swihgs like usually. Then she started to climb and try different things avoiding the slides. Well, Stephen took Miles and I spent time with her at the park. Well, Ginny wanted me to slide down with her on the slide. I was game and we went down. Then she started to go down by herself over and over and over again. I think we finally got rid of that phobia of hers. After the park we then stopped to get milkshakes to end the day. On Wednesday, Ginny, Miles, and I went with a friend and a girl she was babysitting to a concert put on by Mr. Stinkyfeet. He sang and danced for the kids in the audience. We had sandwiches for lunch while we were there. Ginny, had a lot of friends seeing her friends from the sitters as well as from church. Miles of course slept through the whole concert. Yesterday, Stephen's mom was able to come down to spend time with me and the kids. Ginny truly enjoyed her time with her Grandma. Stephen and I with the kids went to concert at the park where we listened to the band play. While we were there we had our dinner and dessert. It was a lot of fun and we always enjoy listening to music while spending time with friends. Today, is movie day in our house. I made some "pop pop" (popcorn) for Ginny and myself and we are enjoying our time watching movies and just relaxing. Of course she fell asleep during the first movie with a tummy full of popcorn. OH...yeah...Miles is officially smiling at people. It's amazing how much he is growing.

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