Friday, December 9, 2011

A Quick Post

I can't believe how quickly this semister has been going. It seems though that I am not smart person and have a chance on being forced to change my major. That is a whole bunch of fun. It really pains me to think that I might never be able to become an elementary teacher. Anyways, next week is finals week and it's a bit stressful. Our house has seen better days. But it will be cleaned and organized over winter break while Stephen is at work.
Ginny keeps me on my toes though she's still not crawling. I can't believe my baby is turning eight months in two days. I am just waiting for the moment where she suddenly takes off on the floor and me screaming in delight. She's a funny girl though. She sings a lot now and sometimes she will sing herself to sleep especially if we are in the car. It makes me laugh when she's singing away and then their is sudden silence.
Stephen's doing good. His job is a bit hectic since it's after thanksgiving but we make it work. At times he comes home very tired and just wants to relax. Things will be easier for him once the Christmas season is over.
Well, I better finish getting ready for school. I'll update more later and maybe have some pictures.

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