Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I have a few moments to type this so I thought I should give a little bit of an update on our lives.
I am entering finals week with full speed. I have to pass a couple more tests to get into block one. So I need all the prayers that I can get at this point in time. But things are going well. School is going good, just stresses me out for awhile. But it's been going good. I do have two blogs that I try to keep up with but...right now schools important as well as Ginny.
Ginny is now seven months old and I am sure now over fifteen pounds. She loves to eat and is now starting eating meats. She has two teeth now both on the bottom. We only had two bad days of teething. But she's doing good. She does say, "Dada" and "Mama" but she doesn't direct it towards anything. At times we think she is saying Dada to Stephen but we are not sure. She really good at sitting up by herself and is getting the hang of standing holding on things. She still wobbling though. She's not crawling yet which I can't wait to see her do.
Stephen is still working hard at walmart. He's keeping busy with that and coming home to us.
That's it,

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