Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Twinkies Are Back

Hey, So, we live in a town where one of the factories of hostess is. Our town too it hard when they shut down back in November, so when we found out they someone bought it we were overjoyed. So many people lost jobs back in November and being a student teacher I saw some of the results in the schools. So, we were selected to be in production again. On Monday, twinkies were hitting the shelves all over the United States our town decided to have a Twinkie festival. Of course we had to be there to cheer it on. When we arrived we realized there was a ton of people there. We hopped in line to find out that we were going to be signing a welcome back and we received a fresh twinkie in the process.

We also recieved free medium size Freddy's frozen custard. They had a limo there and Ginny was able to get inside it.

We also got to see the inside of a firetruck.

We had a lot of fun and hopes that next year it will even be better.

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