Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Yellow Baby

Hey, This is stressful. Miles was born and slowly he became yellow. It's been odd to watch his color of his skin and eyes turn yellow. We have taken him to his doctor and gotten him test many times and they all turn out to be in the normal range. But more and more every week he turns more yellow. We take him out doors into the sun and it does not help the poor yellow baby. It's frustrating when lots of people come up to me and say, "That baby needs to be under lights." I just smile and let it go knowing that my doctor was doing everything she can for our yellow baby. our two month appt. The doctor was a bit nervous with his coloring on how yellow he was. We have an appt to see a liver specialist on the 12th. It's a scary to hear that something might be wrong with my baby's liver. It's going to be a hard wait on my hands but I know it's needed. Also it's going to be hard as he can't eat from 9 am until his appt is over. Why, I am not sure but it's going to be rough. Here is a picture to show how yellow he is...

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