Friday, January 7, 2011


So not long ago I was telling my best friend Sarah some of the hopes and dreams that I have for Ginevera. Because I want the best for my daughter and some of the things that I didn't have growing up I want her to have. One of the most major thing that I want her to be able to have is to see her parents in love. I never saw my parents in love and I mostly saw them fight. I don't want my daughter to always be on edge to think that Stephen and I will divorce. I want her to see that we love each other and see that we do work at it. I want her to see how much we love each other and want to be around each other. Because I know how hard it was to not see that in my own family but see it in other families.
I also want her to be able to have a wonderful relationship with Stephen. I never got that with my dad and how much I craved it. I had to have a father daughter relationship with someone else. But how much a craved for a relationship with my own dad. I was always jealous of other girls getting that chance to go out to eat with just them and their dad. Or even have their dad lecture the boyfriends picking them up. I craved that experience in my life. Just like I craved for the father daughter dance at weddings even my own wedding. I know I will get to watch my daughter be able to dance with Stephen because he will be involved. Also be able to celebrate father's day. I never got the chance it always hurt me hard.

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