Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow....First Day of Classes....24 Weeks...

So I haven't been feeling well and it seems now that I am finally able to get up off my feet and get things done. On Saturday, Stephen had to call in sick because I was in a lot of pain. We went to the hospital and found out that I had infection. So I was started on pain medicine to help clear that. We also decided to just head up to Olathe for the weekend. We played halo with Charlie on a huge tv screen for a little while since no one else was home. Then we went to Walmart to get an oil change in the car. While that was getting taken care of my mom took us to Sam's so we can get stocked up on food. Then we all hung out for awhile at the Mitt's family's house.
On Sunday, Stephen and I went to my mom's ward instead because we were going to watch the Chief's play in the playoffs that afternoon with her. When we got there I noticed that Elyse was taking two of her kids out of the sacrement which meant one was left in sacrement by himself. I offered to go sit with him during it and it was a lot of fun to help her out during sacrement meeting. After sacrement meeting I met up with my mom and she talked to seveal ladies all who instantly went for my baby bump. Can I say that is the first that's ever happened to me. It was an odd experience. But everyone said I looked great and happy. After church Stephen and I went back to his parents house and packed up our stuff because depending on the weather we might leave early. The chief's lost the game which means they are done for the season. But my mom and I talked and during the whole game Ginny was moving around a lot. I told my mom and she put her hand where I said Ginny was. Instantly Ginny stopped moving like she always does with Stephen. Mom talked to her and soon she kicked hard. It made me laugh to watch my mom's reaction to her granddaughter kicking her. It was really great. We headed home at five o'clock and hit the snow storm about twenty minutes outside of our home. We made it home fine and soon after we got everything in the police were talking that the residents should stay inside because the roads were horrible.
On Monday, many schools cancelled but I already didn't have school as I didn't start till Wednesday. I went out for a little while in the snow to get some pictures of it falling. I couldn't wait for Stephen to get home and got a side picture of me in the snow for my Ginny's future baby book.
On Tuesday, I still didn't have school so I started to get ready. A lot of school were cancelled on Tuesday because the roads were terrible still. I decided to shovel a bit on Tuesday because I love to shovel snow. Don't ask me why. That night, Stephen and I were laying in bed and Ginny was moving a ton. I told Stephen and he layed his hand on her. Of course she went still with his hand there. I told him to pat it gently and he did. She kicked him hard back it was funny. Stephen did it for several more times feeling his daughter kick him back. It was so neat to watch him interact with her like that. Since I always get to interact with her as she's inside me.
Yesterday, I headed off to school for two classes. I was dreading it because I had to tell my professors that I was pregnant and due during dead week. I had really great professors who both said to keep them informed of the pregnancy. We would work things out as it comes. Which was really nice of them. Everyone told me that Ginny would be most likely sleeping because I would be walking to school which will put her to sleep. During both classes, she was moving like crazy which was making me smile. My daughter doesn't sleep very much, she will be one interesting little girl.
My goals for this school year is that I will get ahead of my school work and work my butt off for a good grade. I am hoping for a wonderful grade even though I will be in my third trimester during most of the semister. I want to be able to push through it and get good grades. Because I want to be an example for Ginny when she is my age. I want her to see that you don't have to have perfect grades but you have to push through it and make the best grades for you.

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