Tuesday, January 4, 2011

23 Weeks and My Thoughts

It's amazing to know that I am twenty-three weeks along in my pregnancy. I am in total shock that the pregnancy is moving quickly along. I am sure it will move even faster once school starts next week. Ginevera is such a fun child already she doesn't have a set time to when I will start feeling her. Like on New Year's eve while playing wii I was getting heavy kicks. Where for the first time I could see my belly move to her kicks. But as soon as her father puts his hand on my stomach to feel her she stops moving. Once he removes it she goes nuts. Every kick sent me laughing because I would jump. I had to ask my mom if you get used to feeling the kicking after awhile and she said, "No." Great, I am going to be looking like I am insane in class with her kicking me and me jumping.
Since we went to my in-laws this weekend because Stephen was helping Karl move into the house him and Johanna bought. We were at church and everytime I would start singing she would kick me. It seems to me she loves music lets hope that keeps going. Stephen and I both love music ourselves. It's been interesting though being pregnant, but I am enjoying every moment of it.
Our next doctor's appointment is on the 20th, which we are blessed that we get another ultrasound to see our little girl. I can't wait to see how much she has changed and gotten bigger. I feel like she has hit a growth spurt since the 23rd of December. Plus, I get more pictures of her. Stephen and I talked about what if she has a diease off and on and you know we will love her no matter what. I have arthritis and Stephen has a learning disablity and you know what we make it work. Our little girl will be amazing and wrapped around out finger no matter what.
Stephen and I are excited about this year that we get to become parents. We know it's going to be hard and we are going to be tight on money. But Heavenly Father wanted us to become parents right now in our lives. We are putting our faith in his hands to help guide us to do what's right for our little girl.
On Easter this year, I will be very large as it will be almost upon my due date. It will be interesting to see how that will be different. Then Christmas next year, Ginevera will be seven months old so it will be interesting to watch my daughter open Christmas presents.
Can't wait,

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