Thursday, January 13, 2011

Second Day of Spring Semister

Man am I wiped out. My body isn't used to sitting in classes for a couple of hours anymore. Also it seems that Ginevera thinks that is the time to be wide awake and kicking me a ton. Not only where my belly touches the desk but also on my bladder. Thankfully, it's only two classes a day and I think I can manage that.
Today, I had Basic Econ. where thankfully, I have one of my friends in that class. She is offering to help towards the end especially if perhaps my water breaks or I go in labor in class. She offering to take me to the hospital and have me call Stephen on the way. The teacher didn't really seem to care that I was pregnant so not sure how that's going to play as I get closer to my due date.
I also had Geography. We already took a ton of notes and have homework for the class. After the class though, I watched another girl talked to the teacher about her pregnancy. She is further along then me. The teacher joked, "Tell me your not due during the semister." The girl is having a c-section next month. I then broke my news and when I was due. She was fine with it and said we would play it by ear. The bad thing is their is a huge project that is due on May 5th. Hopefully, Ginny will be able to hold off till after I take my finals.


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Chanda said...

Good luck with balancing everything. What a joy to sit in class and feel your baby move.