Monday, January 17, 2011

School Stress and Other things

So even though I decided to take only four classes this semister. I was hoping for an easy semister as seeing I will be giving birth to my daughter during this time. But it seems like the four classes are going to give me a lot to do and study from. I just finally got finished with homework for Tuesday and Wednesday classes. I took a break on Sunday as I was really tired and it was sunday. I am trying to not do homework on Sunday. Let's hope that will keep going. But in truth, school tires me out lately. I didn't think I would be so tired all the time. Sunday I slept almost three hour nap. I was so tired and just wanted to sleep the day away. Thankfully, I have a great husband who loves to tuck me in and wakes me up so I don't over sleep.
Last night was amazing though. At four o'clock we had our home teacher over who brought his little son with him. It was nice to talk about our families and his family. Then after he left Stephen and I do our own things. As I was sitting down and on the computer talking to people online, Ginevera was kicking me like mad. It was funny to watch my stomach move all over the place from her kicks. I even got a video of it on my computer because it was so cool.
I just have to remember that I have a little person growing with in me. I can't let things stress me out as it's not good for her. I have to keep positive thoughts and know that everything is for this little girl that will be in my arms come May.

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