Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Sorry that the Christmas post is so late. So, we were in Olathe with Stephen's family for Christmas. My mom came over to Stephen's parents house to spend it with us. Since my family always do Christmas early, the Mitts are more then greatful to invite my mom to come and share Christmas with her. Stephen and I were one of the first up in the morning awaiting my mom to get there. We opened our stockings that we helped fill the night before. Then, my mom arrived with her presents that she made people as well as yummy rolls. We all ate breakfast and then we were waiting on some to arrive for presents. Jimmy and Natalie arrived and we opened presents to each other. It was a lot of fun watching everyone open the presents that we got them.
From my mom we recieved a baby coccoon that I wanted. It is brown with pink. It is so cute and it has ears that make it a teddy bear. For those who know me growing up will recall that I have always been in love with teddy bears. Also recieved a book about feeding the baby and a baby book. From Stephen's parents we received a triffle bowl with recepes, a $10 gift card to applebees, a santa blanket, and a game called "Don't Eat Pete" which I learned was one of The Mitts favorite family home evening game. From Johanna and Karl we receved homemade bread (Which is so tasty). From Jimmy and Natalie we reiceved goodies that we can eat. Stephen also recieved his second present from me which is black socks for work. In my family, I am pretty famous for picking out socks. From Stephen I recieved, cards, a shuffler (because I can't shuffle), a wii remote charger, and things for my wii board. We had a lot of fun though spending time with family. Next year, we will have to start pretending to have Santa Claus around.

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