Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve!

So Christmas Eve we went to my in-laws to stay the night as we do every year. Stephen's siblings Andy, Jimmy, Johanna, and Charlie were there for awhile. Jimmy and Andy both brought their wives while Andy also brought his kids with him. Johanna brought her soon to be husband with her. It was a loud bunch with all those people. It was nice though to see everyone and I got to see a new side to Ginny. As it's usually pretty quiet at Stephen's and Mine's house she wasn't used to so many voices. So she dug deep into my pelvic bone that caused me in pain. I ended up watching my father-in-law in the kitchen making preparations for Christmas morning. Stephen and I helped with the stockings this year which was a lot of fun to help out.

Stephen got an early present from me on the twenty-third which was a huge toaster oven by me. He also got an early present from Ginny as he had his head on my baby bump seeing if he could hear her. He did say he heard some movement but then smack. He got a kick to the fact by her. It was the first time he ever felt her and it was on Christmas eve. It was so neat. His face was great to see how he reacted to his daughter.

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