Monday, December 27, 2010


On December 23rd, I went to go get a ultrasound to see how many little one was growing also hoping that we would get to find out what we are having for an early Christmas gift. I was very nervous going to the doctor's because I was worried that I would hear that the baby passed away. It was my greatest fear or even hear that something was wrong. Stephen and I asked my mom to come to meet her grandchild as well as Stephen's mom. Then I asked my best friend Sarah to come since she hasnt' seen me pregnant at all other then in pictures. The adding of people to the experience made me worry that something would go wrong worse. Before we went I had to drink 32 oz. of water before and couldn't go to the bathroom until after my ultrasound. I was in so much pain from drinking so much water. When we went in and I was squirted with the liquid and the ultrasound tech had me get up and go to the bathroom for a bit. Then she tried again. She got so beautiful picture of the head and some good profile pictures. I watched her measure the bones and the stomach then the head. Everything was perfectly shaped and had all the organs. We told the tech that we would like to know what we are having. She said if she sees anything she would let us know. She tried to get something but the little one wouldn't stop crossing the legs. She had me go to the bathroom again to empty my bladder. Finally the tech shook my belly to see if she can get the little one to move.
Then flash...there was the little one uncrossing the legs. The tech told me to look at her screen as she typed, "Mommy and Daddy, I'm your daughter." I tried not to cry as I am not a crier. I always knew that I was going to have a little girl first. As soon I as I knew I was pregnant I knew it was a girl where everyone was saying, "It's going to be a boy."
So I would like to introduce everyone to my little girl, Ginevera Lynne.


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Chanda Starr said...

Congratulations!! What a beautiful Christmas gift!!