Monday, December 13, 2010

19 Weeks and 6 Days!

So I thought I better get to writing my blog as right now I am not that busy as I only have one final. So school is coming to an end on Thursday till January which I am so excited for. I already had my psychology final and I got an 84% on the final. Which should bring my grade to a B in the class. It's amazing to think that I have worked my butt of for this semister. To know that next semister around this time my life will be totally different. I'll be a mother to a brand new baby. There is no doubt that I will have a baby by finals week in the spring semister. It's amazing to think about but kind of nervous. But school went really good this semister. Sure i was stressed a lot but I worked for my grades that I am recieving.
So...I am nineteen weeks and six days along in my pregnancy. It's an amazing thing to think about to tell the truth. I had a doctor's appointment last week on Thursday and I got to hear my baby's heartbeat which was beating very strong at 159 bpm. People are still guessing what we are having which hopefully will be revealed on the twenty-third this month. My mom, my mother-in-law, and my friend Sarah are coming down to see the sonogram with Stephen and I. We are really excited for this chance. My mom is really excited to see her first biological grandchild. It's an amazing experience for her. I just can't wait to put a name with our little one. If it's a girl we are naming her Ginevra Lynne and if it's a boy it's Miles _______ we are still debating about the middle name if it's a boy. But all in all my pregnancy is going really well. I did have a simi high blood pressure at my last appointment but nothing they were worried about at this point. I did have a feeling that I would have to give blood and I am terrified of needles. I did have to give blood...and it wasn't fun at all. The lady didn't even listen to the word I said, when I told her that my veins disappear very quickly. Or that I have RA. The first time she stuck me she couldn't find the vein and moved the needle around in my arm trying to find it. the second stick killed me. I swear Stephen was lucky to not have much feeling in his hands. Because she put it on my knuckle on my hand...who does that. Then of course she couldn't find the vein so she wiggled the needle around and Stephen said that the bruise was forming each movement she did. She told me that next time I would get blood taken to make sure she was not working.
No movement yet on the little one. It bums me out to tell the truth that I haven't felt the baby move. Some say be patients that it will happen. Other say, "You might be feeling it but you just don't realize it." It's stressful. Oh...another stressful thing is that my hips pop when I get up from anything. Stephen chuckles and I gasp in pain. But other then that everything going great.
Oh we were lucky. After our doctor's appointment we got the chance to go shopping for Christmas gifts and we bought all of our Christmas gifts. We were both pretty happy about that. Also Stephen wrapped them all by himself as I was studying for my finals.

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