Monday, December 20, 2010

Mitts/Meyn/Reichard/Cabe Family Christmas

So my side of the family always has Christmas early because myself and my sister Necia go to our in-laws on Christmas and Christy has traditions of just her and the kids. This year, we decided to do ham, my mom cheesy wild rice soup, breadsticks, fruit, cheese, and veggie for the food. It was also again at my place this year which isn't a big deal.
We had a lot fun hanging out with each other and talking. The kids played nicely with each other. The boys (Michael (18), Dallas (12), and Calvin (10)) played halo in my bedroom on Stephen's x-box while the girls (Maddison (9) and Abriana (8)) did crafts in the nursery. We all got wonderful gifts. Everyone got a snuggie from my mom which we all enjoy. Most got slippers as well. We all got some games that we could play with out family. Stephen and I recieved baby stuff like a huge box of newborn diapers. It was a lot of fun spending time with the family. Also it was a huge thing for miss Abbi (9 months) who got to open her first present ever.


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