Monday, January 10, 2011


So on Saturday I woke up and being in intense pain. Enough that I was in tears which is really hard to do. Stephen called into work to take care of me because I normally can handle pain. I have a really high pain tolerence so when I am crying in fetal position because of pain then I am in really bad pain. Stephen and I waited to call the doctor's and soon we went to the hospital. Found out that I have an infection, what fun. So, I am on antibiotics for it. We then decided to head to Olathe to go to Sam's Club and see family. We have been going up there for a month every weekend so it seems lately. On Saturday, we played a little halo with Charlie (Stephen's little brother) then we dropped the car off to get an oil change while my mom and us went to Sam's Club. Stephen and I bought a ton of stuff that we will need plus, I wanted to see how much diapers and wipes will cost if we get them there for the near future.
We then went back to the Mitts house and hung out. My mom and Stephen's mom talked about family history and are making plans on working on it together. I got to spend time with my niece Ami and nephews Josh, Jared, and Jacob since their parents were going on a date for their anniversery.
On Sunday, Stephen and I woke up early to go to my mom's ward. We got their nine min. late and I saw two kids that I used to babysit a ton with their mom. Their dad was at the playoffs so she was alone with three kids. She told me that Jason was sitting by himself in the chapel. Jason is the oldest of the three and I have been watching him since he was a baby. So I went into to sit with him and help Elyse with the kids. Then after sacrement my mom and I talked to several people and several women touched my baby bump since for some reason Sunday I was carrying really high. It made me laugh on how many people were responding. Mom talked to a lady who wants to hold my baby shower at her house. Then we went to my mom's house for chili and to watch the chiefs play for the playoffs. We lost, but it was a pretty good game. After the game mom was touching my stomach and Ginevera kicked her hard. My mom couldn't believe it and Stephen was a bit jealous. Ginevera hasn't kicked him since Christmas eve. We then packed up and headed back to Emporia to try to beat the storm.
We got twenty miles outside of Emporia when it hit which was really good. By the time we were unpacked and in the house the police in the city was saying stay off the roads. We made it in perfect timing.

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