Thursday, November 11, 2010

Catch Up

Okay...lets catch up since I haven't posted anything in awhile. I am just over fifteen weeks pregnant now. It's so amazing though to be pregnant. We are just right now hoping that healthwave will stop being a pain and give me back my insurence so we don't have to worry so much. But other then that things are going great. I am slowly easing on naps but I am still really tired through out the day.
School is going pretty good. Working on projects and trying to stay caught up in the whole thing. But it's been going really well. I got another A on a paper in Comp class which I am so happy about. But that's pretty much it when it comes to school.
Good news is that Stephen went to full time with his job. We are so happy that at last he will be bringing in more money. Also he might have an interview coming up to work at the hospital. Which will be part-time for a little while and then will switch to full time later on. So we are thrilled for the chance that things are moving forward.
I better go as I have to write a talk for Church on Sunday...what fun.


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