Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to year 2010!

Man year 2009 just flew by didn't it. A little recap in the beginning of Jan. I went on vacations with the Mitts family for the first time. I got to know everyone very well and had a blast in a huge townhouse we were staying in. In Feb. I got to go to amazing place to eat on valentine's day with my lovely boyfriend waiting for him to finally pop the question which he didn't. In March, I got engaged to my best friend on the sixth to a candlelight dinner that he made for me. During Spring Break, i went out with my maid of honor (Sarah) and one of my bridesmaids to pick out my wedding dress with my mom and bought it. We also bought the bridesmaid dresses as well. Also it was the time that Stephen's parents house caught on fire and we didn't know what to do. In Apirl, nothing big happened. July came quickly, and soon my grandparents were in town as well as two cousins and my cousins soon to be wife. Stephen's family also came in town and I got to meet his aunt and his Grandma Ray for the first time. We finally got married on July 11, 2009 and haven't regreted it at all. We went to Kansas City for our pre-honeymoon and went to Oceans of Fun for a whole day before coming home to live with his parents at their rental house. In August, we moved into the regular house with the Mitts family and then I had to quickly pack up as we were going to house sit for two weeks. Finally, I had to leave for school in mid August and Stephen and I had a hard time saying goodbye. As we were going to live apart him with his parents and me in the dorms. In September, Stephen got a job in my school area and we moved into a lovely apartment. In October, Stephen lost his job after we had about of food poisoning and started a weight loss program with my sister and her husband. In November, we had thanksgiving just the two of us with a friend as Stephen had to work on it. At last in December, we had christmas with my family early then went across bad roads to his parents house on Christmas eve for Christmas morning. Got stuck in snow and was snowed in for days.
What I am looking forward to in 2010! My actual honeymoon which starts on Sunday. Going to Stephen's family's family renuion in July in Kentacky. My sister having the baby Abigail in Apirl or late March. Going to my cousin and Karyn's wedding in August. Also...My first wedding anniversery.

My Goals for the year
Lose Weight to be Healthy
Study at least an hour a day if not more. Grades need to be up this semister.
Find something to believe in.
Also read a book once a month outside of school
Write a novel this year.


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