Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Birthday

So this will be my last birthday without having a child in the mix. It's strange to think about that though. I am pretty excited to know that I'll be a mother by the time of my birthday. This year, it was just my husband and I for my birthday which is wonderful to say the least. Stephen had the chance to be off on my birthday so when I was home from school he would be here. So in other words, I was spoiled on my birthday. That morning, Stephen made me some yummy breakfast. It was just what I wanted bacon egg cheese bisquit. Can I point out that I love having a great cook as a husband. He makes some of the best food. Then he was so kindly to drive me to school so i wouldn't be dragging my feet in the door later that day. When I got home a package arrived which was from my friend Sarah. She sent my birthday present which was a pregnancy book. I wanted pregnancy books for my birthday this year so that I can look up things that I have a question about. That's when I saw the three pink roses that my husband got me. I squeled in delight, I love getting flowers.
Later on after many thanks to birthday greetings and getting a happy birthday email from my mom. My husband brought out one half of his present. The other half I knew what it was because I picked it out. It was another pregnancy book but Stephen bought me all on his own another pregnancy book the famous "What to Expect When Your Expecting." We then went to Applebees for some yummy wings and had icecream cake for dessert. I love ice cream cake.
That weekend my mom came down and gave me a snuggie. Because I am always cold no matter what. I can study while wearing it which is a huge bonus for me. Also she bought me dress shoes that actually fit me. Thanks to Brown Shoe Store down here. Also I received two maternity skirts that will come in handy and two baby blankets.


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