Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Life Would Suck Without You

Man has this week started to fly. So things are busy and stessful. We went to Manhatten to stay at my sister Christy's place. Stephen was playing video games with my nephew while my niece Abriana did her own thing. I got to feel my niece Abigail move inside my sister. 8 more weeks till her due date. I can't wait to see Abigail and see who she looks like between my sister and Scott. Then of course see if she looks like her two half-sisters Abriana and Amanda. Stephen and I were already volenteered to take the baby when she gets older to our place to babysit. I am super excited to just be able to hold her. Especially since i have been having the feeling of wanting to be a mom myself. Which won't happen until I finish college that's the deal Stephen and I made. That we would start trying when I finish college.
School been hectic like usual. I had to take seven exams last week and I only passed two of the six that I need to pass before i can get into block 1. I won't be getting into block one till Spring 2011 so I still have a way. It's starting to look like I will be in my student teaching cross your fingers in Spring 2012. So things are starting to get pretty tough. Since I was so focused on the six exams I forgot to study for my biology exam which I failed with a 48%. Some failed worse in my class with a 20% so I was to freaked out about it. Right now though I am working my butt off to get ahead in my classes before Abigail is born so Stephen and I can help out and I won't get behind. But things have been going good. I am taking a lot of classes in my major which I love. I love the feeling of being able to learn things that I will actually use in my classroom which has me paying attention more. Right now I am working on a children's book that I have to have rough draft done by the 15th. I am doing something similar to Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see? books. I am using my nieces and nephews as the person going to see each other. So it's a lot of fun. Then in my technology class we build a rollercoaster and have played some really cool games on the computer. We also had to do a project where we designed a newspaper involving lesson for kids and had to tell the class about it. Also soon we will be working on making comic books that teach students something. So it's a lot of fun. In my PE for Classroom teachers I will be going to a classroom of first graders (eep) to teach a math lesson and involve physical activity in it. I am so excited to do it. My partner is really nice and we are thinking of doing a cup stacking activity. It's going to be a lot of fun though. So classes are going really well.
Stephen and I are doing well. We are not struggling as much with money so it's nice to not worry about that as much. We are enjoying times when I don't have homework and he doesn't have work to spend with each other. We often watch movies or tv with each other and just talk. So it's nice. We have no plans for Valentine's Day but to spend time with each other.
Well I need to do some homework done, and maybe do some to get me ahead for the week. Talk later.

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