Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So since I started writing everyday in here there isn't much to say really. So you are more going to hear a lot of random thoughts that go through my mind then what i am up to. Anyways lately though I have been on Stephen's cool laptop. His works so much easier then my own that I find when he is busy at work I am usually doing stuff on it. Even if it's just playing minsweeper. But I also listen to music quite a lot when I am working on something or just playing a game. I have started to listen to Stephen's itunes and I realized that we have completely different taste in music. Some of his music I am still trying to figure out some of his music. But I am starting to get a taste for them which is funny anyways. As Stephen and I started to date I started to make cds of music we both like for the reason that we can listen to it in the car. Over time we found more music we like and we often listen to them in the car together. We slowly get to a middle ground with music. But what's nice is now that we are grown up we both don't like a certain kind of music. I started only liking country and then went off to college and my music just opened up into a whole different place. So it's interesting to say the least.


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