Wednesday, July 1, 2009

True Friends?

So lately I have felt problems more then anything. One day this week I found out that several of my friends weren't coming to my bridal shower. It made me feel like my friends don't care what happens with my life. I had several friends say they can't make it to the wedding because they were too busy in their life. Or that the distance was out of their way to get there. And yet I get those friends who are flying in the night before from Michigan and Maryland using their own money to get here to celebrate my wedding with me. Stephen got home that day and found me clinging on him and knowing what was bothering me. It just wasn't fair to me that my friends can't bother spending time with me. Though my Maid of Honor spent the time to sit in her bedroom at the hotel she staying this summer for her intership to be on a webcam at my bridal shower. Nothing is more special then that. She could't play the games and at time had nothing to do other then sit back and watch. Yet she was there and that's what I care about so deeply. So why couldn't my other friends be there to experience the joys.
It's so hard to understand what they were thinking when they made that option. I have rubbed their backs while they were puking their guts in the toilets. Talked to them about what is wrong with them because their boyfriend broke their heart. Went to doctors appointments with them that never in a million years that I wanted to go with them. But I did all that for them and this is how they repay me. It hurts to tell the truth. It hurts to see who the true friends are. Sure I have my two bridesmaids couldn't make it because something came up which is understandable. But the ones who didn't is what hurts the most.

Guess when you get married you find out who your true friends are.

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