Thursday, July 2, 2009

G.N.O and B.N.O oh 8 DAYS!!

So I just had a fun packed day...okay I actually didn't have a fun packed day. I pretty much spent my whole day packing my room up. I am no where close in being done which is one huge bummer to tell the truth. But it will be worth it once everything is packed and ready to go. So I worked on that then took a nice cool shower and headed out with Stephen. We first ate and talked while we waited to talk to the bishop about the finish the wedding plans. Then we headed back to his parents house where he was dropping me off at his parents and going on his way to his brother Jimmy's place of living. It started last month where the guys get together for a fun night of halo and food and killing night. They have a Halo lan party where they have a group of guys together and play halo. Well us girls felt left out last time they had one so we this month planned to have a girls night in. Where we watched movies while the boys are gone.
More later because I am tired and I am going driving tomorrow...


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