Monday, July 6, 2009

4 DAYS!!!

So I got more packing and cleaning down it seems like things are slowly getting to where I need them to be. But I have a whole lot to do still and I am sure that won’t get any easier. Today, I spent time with my mom just sitting around in the living room relaxing. Then I was able to just cuddle up against Stephen and watch the bacherlette and then the Newlyweds. We then walked outside and just talked by his car and every once and while stole a kiss. I can’t believe in little over four days I will be married to him and I feel like when I walk down the aisle I will have tears falling down my cheeks. Because the man that I am walking towards is the man I will be with forever and that is so much. Sure we both have our fights but we also have our endless laughs and our small smiles. No matter what I am glad that my best friend will be the person I will marry because that’s what matters.


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