Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Siblings 2 DAYS!!!

So last entry was about my nieces and nephews so one of my friends decided to talk about her family. Well I thought I would break some of my family into different entries. So I thought I would tell you about my siblings. I am the youngest of four and the only one that is not adopted into the family by my mom. But the funny thing is they are all actual siblings.
The oldest would be my brother James who is now an old fart of thirty years old. My brother is nine years older then me and we don't generally see each other very much. He last I knew was going to college to become a web design. He is dating a lady named Shannon who I haven't met. He was married to a women named Kris who he met in another state when he was young. They had a beautiful son named Austin. He also had a son named Alex with another women. My greatest memories of my brother were the times that he split my bike helment in two on top of my head. Or giving me a black eye when I was little with a baseball.
My sister Christy is twenty nine years old and can be a pain. She is the one who looks like the odd one out of the family with her personality and her looks. She though is married to a great guy named Scott and she has two kids from a previous boyfriend and is now a step mom. She and I go way back with our fights that shook the house since we were eight years difference. But as we gotten older things are settled down and we are often talking at least once a day.
My sister Necia is the baby of my older siblings. She is twenty-eight years old and has been married nine years to a lovely guy. They have two beautiful children Dallas and Maddison. She would love to stay home and be a stay at home mom. But with the way the money is right now she is a para at the school district local. She loves it and wishes she can go to school to become a teacher.

That is my siblings and we have had our hardships as well as joys. But the things is that since I am older and starting to understand the adult world according to my sisters. I have been closer to them then I have ever before. My sister Necia and Christy are both helping with things for the wedding and I can't wait to share it with them. I just wish my brother could be here as well.


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