Saturday, July 4, 2009


So today is the fourth of july. Okay it's actually really early morning of the fifth but lets pretend. Anyways, today it makes you think of the service men and women around the world serving for United States. I know several people who are serving the United States and I am always grateful that they come into my life. My own brother-in-law Scott serves in the army and he hasn't been to Iraq since marrying my sister because his group actually trains the soliders that head over. But soon he is transfering so he doesn't have to move around which means he might have to head to Iraq or anywhere else. It makes me really nervous to see how it all turns out but that's okay. Then I have one of my good friends who is serving for the Marines. He is right now based in Japan and from what he says loves being there but soon he will be transfered to the Middle East. It makes me so nervous to see him going because of what I see on tv I just hope that he will be okay.
In other words today, Stephen and I helped my mom clean up the backyard then we took one of the groomsmen to get a suit jacket and tie. We then went to his house to hang out and ended up playing with my wii with his parents. I believe we played more then twelve games of bowling. But it was nice. Then we met my mom at the movies and watched The proposal. We laughed through the whole thing and Stephen and I both say it was a wonderful movie. It's worth seeing that is for sure.

Well I need sleep...night.

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