Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beginning of the Week

So right at this moment I am chilling out with my brother-in-law Charlie. Stephen started back to work this week and it's been pretty weird without him around the house. On Sunday, we went to church in my mom's ward for the final time before my church records were transfered to Stephen's ward. Then we headed to his house for a little time alone while his family was at church. I am finding out that you don't get much time alone when you live with family. Then we headed to my mom's for dinner and games. We played Mario 8 with her and had a blast playing and just enjoying the time together. Finally, we had to head back to our place to get some sleep since Stephen had to be on the road to work by seven twenty.
On Monday, I got up at seven with Stephen and we had breakfast together before he left to work. I knew the rest of the family was going to work on the house but I stayed at the rental house to clean the room and look for books for school (which I am dreading). Then I hung out with Stephen's mom looking at all the free samples you can get online. We got a lot of free samples.
Today, Stephen left after breakfast and headed to work while I hung out with Charlie and Scotty (my brother-in-laws)We played some wii and talked it was nice to just hang out. Even though Scotty creamed us in the game of Mario 8. Then I excersed on the wii fit.
That's another thing. Stephen and I want to lose weight so we are trying hard to get it in. We started going on walks when he gets off work and talk. It's our alone time and a way for him to just relax. Also we decided that if we want soda we have to also get the same amount in water and to drink both hopefully it will work. I found out today that I have exactly seventy-five pounds to lose or more by my first year anniversery. Hopefully I can do it.

225 Pounds 0/75 to go.

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