Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nieces and Nephews 3 Days!

So nothing really much going on in my life other then wedding stuff. Who wants to hear all about wedding stuff. I just had several of my friends become Aunts and Uncles and I it brought memories back of the many times that I have become an Aunt. I have nine nieces and nephews. Yeah you heard me. I have nine just myself. Soon I will be adding six to that nine and I am sure Stephen's family is not done growing. Each niece and nephew has an important aspects to them and each are different then all the others.
My nephew Austin is my brother's oldest son. He is twelve years old and at the time he was born I was only nine years old. I was so excited to be an Aunt at a young age that I got to experience childhood along side with him. I have pictures of me holding him and not wanting to let go of that cute little boy. He was the one who taught me how to be a child during the hard years. I don't get to see him a lot but looking through his mom's pictures on facebook I watch him grow into it. Now he is dating a girl and catching lots of fish. But i will always remember the two hour old baby that I held in my arms.

Then little over a year later my sister Necia told the family she was going to have a baby. We later found out it was a boy and he was due around christmas. He gets the most timely birth out of all of them. My sister was only in labor for two hours tops. He livid with us with his mother for awhile and I got to experience living with a cute little baby next door. Dallas is now ten years old and he is starting to look like a teenager. It's amazing how much I can embrass him now.

Then came the birth of my nephew who is also my cuddle bear. Calvin who is born to my sister Christy. He is nine years old and he still loves to cuddle up to me. He was my special nephew who was born premature and every year it makes me cry to see how far he has come. He had a sugury when he was only two weeks old and it was on his lung. I also was close to him because I babysat him for a couple of years and I am so close to him. He is so cute that I love him.

Then my beautiful niece Maddison was born to my sister Necia. I thought that I was in love with all my nephews but when my niece was born. I couldn't be any happier. She is a beautiful seven year old who knows when it's time to be a princess and when it's time to get down and dirty. She has the grace of her mother and her father's sense of humor.

Then my sweet little Abriana. When she was born to my sister Christy I thought I had a prefect family. She was the sweetest and one of the most happiest little babies I have ever seen. She was so cute with no hair compare to her niece Maddison who had a full head of hair. But I couldn't believe that I had two beutiful nieces to love and spoil. I couldn't wait to babysit her like I babysat her brother and I have many many tails of her when she was little. She is now reading and writing and going to girls scouts. She loves her mother at times but in other she can act like a teenager at the age of seven.

I also have a little nephew that I have never met and never will. My brother and a lady that I don't know had a baby named Alex. My brother signed away his rights as soon as she got married to another guy. Alex has never known my brother and never will know the loving family he has. But I got the chance to become friends with his mother slightly and she sent me a picture of him and he looks a lot like his brother Austin. He is five years old.

Then there is Austin's sister Jakouri. Who I met when she was a little baby girl and she became a niece to me even though she not my brother or sister's kid. She is nine years old and from pictures a stinker.

When my sister Christy married last year to a man named Scott she also became a step parent to a sixteen year old and a fourteen year old. When I met them around Christmas me and the two of them hit it off so quickly ignoring the fact that I am not that much older then them. I know call them family even though I don't get to see them alot they are my niece and nephew. Mike and Amanda.

In truth I am excited to get to know my soon to be nieces and nephews because then I get to be able to spoil them as well. I can't wait till I see most of my nieces and nephews at my wedding with my soon to be nieces and nephews. It's no more greater joy then being an Aunt. Because after spoiling them rotten we get to send them home to mom and dad.


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Now I'll have to talk about my family. Unfortunately, I won't have such pretty pictures of tem to show off.