Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Things on my mind. 11 DAYS!!!!

So I am writing another blog before I go back to packing sue me. Anyways...I love music. My friends tell me that I have too many music but no one has seen Stephen's collection. He's got a months worth of songs. We could be underground for a month and we will be listening to music the whole time on his laptop. It's that serious. But I am catching up with my own collection. I am always listening to music. On ITunes you get to make your own playlist. I have way to many playlist. I have a playlist for just working out. I have a playlist for packing/moving. I have a playlist that only Stephen and I listen to on my computer. I have tons of playlist. I even have a playlist for when I am around children. But I have always loved music that might be why I was in choir until my sophmore year of high school. But I can listen to one song for hours at a time and still be happy to listen to it later in the day. That's just the way I am with my music.
So Stephen and I are working on losing weight. My goal is to lose 75 pounds before my year anniversery and if I reach that goal then all my clothes will be going to good will and I get a whole new set of clothes. Stephen's goal is sort of the same but the same deadline. He gets the whole prize too if he wins. It's something that both of us can do together when we are together is help.
Yesterday was a day that I really wished my maid of honor was home. I found out that several of my friends won't be coming to the wedding because they can't take out of their busy schedule to see one of their friends get married. When I found out that they weren't coming I was upset and felt like I wasn't important in their lives. Specially the ones that I know live close enough that it would be fifteen minutes to get here. Where some are coming from Topeka to come see me get married and they can't. It hurt and made me feel worthless. It was sort of like my bacherlette party. I am so thankful that Sarah tried to give me the best one she could. But things happened and two bridesmaids couldn't make it. One had a thing she had to take care of and the other something happened. So it just was me, Lisa, Kathi, and Sarah. We ended up just watching tv and not really doing much. I remember seeing Stephen that night and upset because it didn't turn out the way I wished it could. Then tonight is my bridal shower, I am pretty excited and sort of not. None of my friends can make it. Thankfully my best friend is trying to be there via web cam lets hope it will work. But none of my friends or even sisters can come which hurts more then anything. I am sort of dreading the fact that I will almost be the youngest in the room. I really wish it's already past the wedding. I want to be with Stephen more then ever and not have to worry about the wedding at all.


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