Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

So today is Father's Day. I have to tell you that father's day and I don't mix. It's one of the days that I don't like being at church or anywhere near other families. Because of the fact that I don't have anyone to celebrate with or for. It became one of the worst days. At church I would listen to talks all about fathers. Kids would tell the people in their talks about their perfect father. Wives would talk about how perfect their husbands are being fathers. The fathers would even talk about their father. Me sitting there in the pew have had many tears during those days. So on Father's Day I don't go to church. But I have found a father in Rich Laudie. He helped raise me who I am and he has given me the strength that I need and never got from a father. So yesterday Stephen and I made our way to the Laudie's resident and hung out with them and about thirty young single adults. We watched people canoe, many deer, and jump into the lake. We played some golf, apples to apples, and ping pong ourselves and enjoyed the company.
But Rich Laudie is my father of sorts. He always have been my strength. He has sat with me on the pew during church just playing hangman or even dots to dots. Just to keep my mind off what is being said. But that is why I chose him to walk me down the aisle. I wanted him to be there during this special moment because in truth he is my dad. Even Stephen asked his permission to ask for my hand on December 31st at a young single adult dance. So in truth I didn't want it any other way then him walking me down the aisle.
But now I get another father to celebrate with and that would be my soon-to-be father in law John. I am excited to go over to his house and give him the present that Stephen and I got him for father's day. In several years I will be able to celebrate father's day in another way. That would be when Stephen and I have our own children and I'll be getting him something for father's day.
So in truth the future holds a lot of joy for Father's Day.


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