Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Update

So I didn't think that Father's Day would upset me as much as it did. It surpises me and comes quick enough for me. During the day yesterday I was sitting next to Stephen and we just did our usual where we are both on our laptops working on things. I believe he was finding a hotel for our honeymoon at the time and ordering my wedding ring. Anyways everything was fine. I didn't have to be around fathers and I was comfortable just the two of us. Later we went to his family's house and we made dinner for the family. But as Stephen made the dinner I found a book about dads. I picked it up and started to read a couple of pages and one of them got to me. I started to cry and realize how much I missed out from having a father. I just put the book down and went to Stephen and wrapped my arms around him and cried. He held me knowing I was having a rough time to keep it together. When his family arrived his mom talked about the book and me being brave put a face on. Stephen at times was about to tell them to ease up but I shoved his arm gently and shook my head. I am used to it. Later that night I laid in my bed crying for the pain of not having that chance of having experiences with a father.


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