Monday, June 29, 2009

Who knew that packing was such a pain in the butt. Today, mom and me went off to a church members house where she had tons of wedding decorations to go through. I found one thing that I have been actually thinking of having. I guess I'll just have to see how it looks to see if I like it. Then we meant up with Stephen for lunch at Wendy's. A random guy at Wendy's even talked to us. Mom and me then headed to look at hotels for my grandparents and cousins for when they come in for the wedding on the 9th of July. Then we ran other errands around town and came home. As soon as I walked into the house I went upstairs and started packing. I packed all my books off my tall bookshelf and put some books aside to be sent to either good will or half-price books. But I also threw away a lot of stuff like old papers and such. Then went through my bin that I keep things that will mean something later on. Like all my cards I got at graduation. I went through them all and read each little thing on them, I even read my yearbook and some of the comments. Clearly people knew I was going to be marrying Stephen. Then saw some dresses that I wore when I was ten or younger that mean a lot to me. It's amazing how things change and how much I am giving up to move. I'll pretty much be living out of boxes but it will be worth it.
Tomorrow I have my bridal shower which my lovely in-laws are giving me. It's so neat to be apart of the Mitts family and how quickly they took me under their wing. Even Stephen's sister-in-laws are helping organize the bridal shower. I pretty much just have to show up. Sarah since she still away for her intership will be on a webcam so she will be there sort of. But it sucks that neither of my own sister can't make it to it. Even my two other bridesmaids can't make it to the bridal shower. Another thing is that I only had three people at my bacherlette party and we watched tv the whole time. Where Stephen will have a group of guys and have a blast playing halo. I am so jealous of his party that I want to go but of course I can't. I miss him being close...


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