Saturday, June 13, 2009


So as I am writing this on paper I am watching a class full of teenager high school students take the ACT. It brings back memories of when I myself took the ACT. Of how I felt each time I took it. I had special test because of the arthrits in my hands. So I took during school hours during a week with my counslor watching over me. The first time I took it was sometime in October. I remember how nervous I felt taking such a large test. This test is to help get into colleges. This test shows colleges to put you in certain classes. So of course the first time I took it I got a 16. The second time I took it was right before I was to ahve knee surgry. So that morning I didn't take my pain medicine. Each letter that i wrote down to be bubble made my knee throb and it felt like a needle went into my knee. So of course I got a 15. After that I knew I wasn't ment to do go on exams. So I only took it two times. But hearing people around me who got a perfect score or were three questions off made get jealous and made me feel like that I don't have get jealous and made me feel like that I don't have the right to succeed my dreams to become a teacher. When I tell people my ACT score I feel like that I didn't deserve their attention. But as I am nearing ever so slowly to graduate college. I am learning that the ACT score is just a number a random number that doesn't score is just a number that doesn't get to decide what you have to do in life. Because that is you. It doesn't get to decide if you get to be a teacher, a doctor, or even a lawyer. Because you get to decide. That little number might make it a hard road. But if you want to meet your goals then in time you will get there. So to all the high school students taking their ACTs. Don't let your score bother you. Shake it off because in the end its just a number.


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