Thursday, June 11, 2009


Sorry things are going slow on here right now. It's just well I am a nanny for Mike and Elyse's kids. It's so weird watching them all day. But the good things is that I have been babysitting Mike and Elyse's kids since the oldest Jason was only a couple of months old. I was though really nervous the first day because Kenna the baby doesn't like it when her parents leave and I would be babysitting her all day. She is usually screaming her head off most of the time that I watch her any other time. But all is well actually she is the only that haven't made me go insane. Nah. The kids are pretty good sometimes. She doing great though she giggles and tries to tell me things. But I have figured out her cries and what is wrong then anything. Even when Mike comes home she runs to him and spend time with him. But will still come near me. The boys when they were younger once their parents are in the house I had to leave. They would scream and cry nervous that they parents are leaving. Thankfully they are out of that stage. But all and all things in babysitting are great. The kids have trouble once and awhile but we have had a lot of fun. On Monday, we played outside most of the time. Thankfully since it's been pretty much mud outside since. They had a lot of fun. On Tuesday we made sugar cookies and they wounded up being eatten by Mike and the kids and mikes friends that night. Yesterday, we watched the storms and then watched movies together on the couch. Then today, the boys played until their Grandma Scoma came to get them. And I justed ended up with having Kenna to play with. We had a lot of fun...the two of us.

But all in all it's been a lot of fun. I am learning things about being around kids. So it's pretty cool. I do love babysitting them, but man do they tire me out.


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