Monday, June 1, 2009

40 Days!!!!!

It seems like I have a lot of time on my hands by how many post that I have made on here. In truth its just things enter my mind and get me to thinking about things. Anyways, last week was interesting to say the least. My mood was either cry like a baby or stubborn. Monday, Stephen had off from work and we spent the time with each other. It's amazing how much he makes me laugh and we just have a lot of fun with each other. My mom said she was talking about just that at her work. How different it was to be around us then my sister and her husband. Stephen and I are usually always really smiling and enjoy each other company. Where my sister and her husband we never see smile. It's really rare to see it upon either face. But that night we watched the new show called the Newlyweds. We were laughing at a lot of things that the couples had to do. Stephen and I are thinking of seeing if we can get on next year show. The show has couples leave in a huge house together and some of the things they have to do adds money to the pot. But they also have to compete against the other newylweds. If they win a thing then they get a choice to either keep the that they one from it and get the chance to be kicked off or not take the money and have no chance of leaving the house. It's pretty interesting. The first thing the couples had to do was match the answer to a question about another couples. Because it was about first thoughts about the other couple. If they answer saying the same couple they add money to the pot. If not then no big deal. Then the competation to beat the other couples they went to a room where clothes were scattered about. The man had to put the clothes on in a certain order but he was blindfolded. His wife had to stand by the door and tell him where everything was and how to get to it. It was funny to watch to tell the truth. Some of the women are mean to their husbands running them into chairs lamps. I guess tonight show is about finding the right butt of their husbands. So pay back? Then cleaning a house full of bugs with just your hands. That should be pretty interesting. On Tuesday, my mom made us dinner and we just hung out with her watching tv. On Wednesday, Stephen and I agreed that we wouldn't see each other on Wed. So we both could get things done. Okay so he can get things done. But Wednesday, I went and had my final fitting of my wedding dress. I can't wait to wear it in July. My friend Katelyn met up with us and watched as they bustled my dress so she knows what to do after the ceremony. Then we went to get my cell phone charger which was with the Mitts family and chatted with them. Then got dinner at chicken place where my soon-to-be-sister-in-law works. Then headed home and ate and just chilled the two of us. On Thursday Stephen came and we went and got some crab ragoon from my favorite mom and pop shop. It is so good. We just sat on the couch and talked and enjoyed each other company. On Friday, we went to the Mitts family hotel room and chatted with them and Stephen got his hair cut by his mom. Then on Saturday, we went to celebrate Stephen's brother's twenty-six birthday. We stayed at their place till midnight just chatting and enjoying the company. I told Stephen we should plan a double date with his brother and his wife sometime. I got to play with my soon to be niece and nephew who are a riot. Sunday we just relaxed and now Monday.


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