Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crazy Week 16 Days!!!

Man has been busy...we are slowly finishing the last details of the wedding. It can take it out of you. But I know once and for all when it's done it will be worth it. On Monday, I went shopping with my sister and my mom for flowers. My sister Necia is making the flowers and it's going to look great. Then Stephen came over and we watched the Newyweds which often have us cracking up. We have been cheering for the Mormon couple on the show who always seem funny with their comments about each other.
On Tuesday, my sister picked me up and we ran some of her errands then went to the court house where I got the stuff to sign for the wedding. Then I went to her house to work on something. Then We played with my hair till Stephen arrived. Stephen and I stopped by Sonic on the way home and then we went to his house to help him pack up the house. When in reality I just sat there and watched him pack. I did though enjoy the chocolate icecream.
On Wednesday, I packed a bit in my room then Stephen took a half day off because of the heat and we went down to my sisters so she can play with my hair when she finally found one that she liked.
Then Stephen and I came to my house and watched tv cuddled on the couch. Soon the winds picked up and I went outside to check on the clouds. I love storms. Has I turned to head back into the house I almost forgot the one step but remembered it but then oversteped it and lost my balence and took a nose dive onto the sidewalk. So now I have cuts on my nose, upper lip, right hand, both elebows, and both knees. I look like a mess I also pulled a muscle in my right arm. The joys. Of course it didn't feel nice to have Stephen and my mom laughing at me.


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