Thursday, August 9, 2012

Towards the End of Summer

Hey, Can you believe that it's the end of summer. I start school on Monday, my last year of college for awhile. At least until I start getting my masters. Anyways, we haven't been up to much lately. Which is fine by me. Through I wish Stephen was getting more then two days of work a week but that's another story. We are enjoying the extra time with Stephen though as we been more focus on each other as husband and wife. Also more focus on spending time with Ginny as she getting older. She really enjoying the extra time we are spending with her. Here are some pictures that we have taken since.
Hanging out with Aunt Christy
Sitting on Grandma's head
Dancing with Daddy
Going to the fair
Saying Goodbye to Aunt Johanna and Uncle Karl for Three or More Years
Trying Nutella
Playing with Mommy and Daddy
Blowing Kisses
As you can tell we have had a lot of fun this summer. We are planning on going to spend more time before school starts on Monday. Then some more fun that will be different will be happening.

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