Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So Grateful

Hey, I have to say that I am grateful for the wonderful people, Heavenly Father has brought to me and my husband. We have a beautiful little girl who makes us smile every day. Stephen and I were looking at pictures of her when she was born and looking at her now you can't tell my sweet girl had such a hard beginning in this world. She is a beautiful light that I never want to disappear. I am also grateful that I have a wonderful husband who loves me for who I am. I am not perfect and often I keep things silent about people outside our home until I am home. I tell him my frustrations and things that bother me to the core for an hour or so. He just smiles and listens to every problem. Not trying to fix it all for me. I am grateful for my mom. When things get tight she not scaried to help us out or even just take us out to dinner when she's here. She wonderful with Ginny and loves taking care of her. I am never nervous about leaving Ginny with her as she loves her with her whole heart. My mom knows when she needs to come visit during the school year and doesn't mind taking Ginny out of the house so I can get homework done. I am also grateful to have such a wonderful sitter for Ginny. I am jealous about her and Ginny's relationship. For once I wish Ginny loved being with me but she loves being with her sitter. I am grateful that her sitter loves her and will never hurt my baby. I am grateful for a wonderful friend who knows when I need help on homework. Also she keeps me on track with my schooling. Even though she is super smart she doesn't mind pushing me to be who I am. -Kendra

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