Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dear Sarah

Dear Sarah, It's not to long ago since I was the little girl who moved to Olathe. I was a scared little girl sure that I would never meet any girl my age. I felt alone in my own family as I was the baby of the family. When I met you it was like Heavenly Father knew that you would push me to become the person that I needed to become. It was like he knew that our friendship would be one of a kind. That we could live right down the street from each other to living over hundreds of miles are apart. When we moved to the Montclaire house I was sure that we would stop being friends. But we still found the time to spend with each other. Then when I found out that I had arthritis and lost so many friends through it. It didn't bother you that I wasn't normal. No, you decided to see what it meant to have arthritis. You supported me through it all. When I hit my long time low and you found out that I needed a friend it was like you just knew. No one thought our friendship would last. Why would it be...your close to straight A girl who loves science and i wanted to be a teacher but a B C student. When I went off to college we were both nervous what would happen to our friendship. I mean we lasted only being across town could our friendship last to different towns. We proved the world wrong as we called each other over the phone and talked as much as we can. Thanks to the internet we were able to spend time together and still play stupid games. Such as yahoo pool over and over again. Then you headed out of state and it would shock our friendship yet again. But we held strong. We were able to take our first ever road trip together. Sure it was a rocky road trip at the start but it was nice to just talk. It was so much fun. I loved having you apart of my wedding. Knowing that you didn't mind taking the backseat of my life as my husband took the front. You traveled just for my wedding and you don't know how special that was to me that weekend. To know that my best friend would be next to me as I married the love of my life. You were one of the first to know that I was expecting my baby girl. You just knew she was a girl. You were so excited to be apart my life as well as my daughter. In November, I will be standing next to you as you marry the love of your life, Todd. Just as I have stood by you since I moved onto our little street. I always know that I can count on you even if you are a million miles away. I can't wait to watch you say I Do. I can't wait to be the first to wispear, "Welcome to marriage-hood." Then it gets fun from there. I will be one of the first to come see you when you have your first, second, third, and how many you want kids. I just hope our kids are friends with each other as much as we are. I hope Ginny finds a friend that I have always had since I was little. Because I would not have made it out of all of this without you. You are amazing friend and I just want to tell you that. I love you so much and I am so happy for you. I hope you enjoy marriage like I am. Kk P.S. Todd if you hurt her...I will hurt you...

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