Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hey, It's amazing to me that I get to spend time with these cute little kids. I was so excited the night before going to meet the kindergartners that I get to spend half time this semester. I kept thinking in my head, "Will they like me?" I have always worked with 1st grade in high school and never ventured in the younger grade. Then I became a mom and of course she's still really young to be in school. So I was nervous. At the Open House the kids were really shy and not wanting to get to close to me or my mentor teacher. Today was another story to say the least. I was tying a ton of shoes and teaching them as I did it. Two rabbits one goes through the whole and then pops out. Then I was also walking kids to where they need back and forth. Of course going outside and pushing them on a couple of swings and the tire swing. We have some challenging kids in our class but who doesn't have challenging kids. I was in charge of two centers yesterday though. One was just sitting on the floor and reading books. I had two kids reading with me and I used some of the techniques that I learned last year to read them the books. Then I did a math center which was teaching them patterns. I didn't know what about patterns to teach them so I just went with what I thought kindergartners need taught. All in all I am now sure the kids like me...and I get to go back today. Kendra

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