Sunday, August 12, 2012

Playing with Cousins

Hey, Since we were up in Olathe we had the chance to spend time with some family. We stay at my mom's house so we see her quite a lot. But we had the chance to go to my sister Christy's house for a bbq. Anyways, my sister and her husband have three kids. Calvin who is twelve, then Abriana who is nine, and Abbi who is two. My sister Christy was excited when I found out I was pregnant because she was worried that Abbi would never have a close cousin like her other two. The girls were able to play together and really enjoyed each other.
Then today we had the chance to visit with Stephen's brother Jimmy and Natalie with their sweet daughter Addi. Addi is only two months older then Ginny so I wanted the girls to get some time to hang out with each other. The girls were so funny around each other. For awhile they did not want to play with each other but then they warmed up. We really want to be able to see them soon.

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