Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another Boring Post

Hey, So I have had some great pleasure this summer. I have had time to spend with my beautiful girl. Who I have to say is very attached to me lately. But also I have had time to myself as well. I have been able to read a lot of books and some of them are very educating me on how to raise Ginny and any future Children we have. Also how to keep my marriage strong. But also how to be a better teacher when I finally get my own classroom. In a couple short weeks my summer will come to a close and I will not have much time to do anything except be a mom and do homework. It's going to be hard this semester and next semester. But I know the end is in sight when I will have my own classroom and be able to share my knowledge that I have acquired. It's an amazing experience and I really can't wait to go through them. Kendra

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