Friday, July 27, 2012

Free Things to Do During the Summer

Hey, We are so lucky to live here in Emporia. We have the small town atmosphere but we also have a large city atmosphere as well. This summer, we have tried to get into doing a lot of things that has been going on here. We signed Ginny up for the summer reading program at the library. It's free and it encourages kids to read. Of course Ginny can't read but it also counts minutes that a parent or a loved one reads to them. Ginny had 1800 minutes of being read to. Each week you have to fill out a booklet that had one page to fill. There was 100 minutes each week but you could read over it.'s nine weeks long and Ginny went twice that. She loves books and will keep bringing books over and over. But they also have things that they did. They had a thing called kindermusik that we went to and listened to music and danced. Then we also went to the story time. Also they had a concert or a performer on Wednesdays. All for free and for kids to enjoy.
Then Emporia also had their band play at a park on Thursday nights. Of course since it's been so hot the High School in town let the band play inside for free.
Also free fireworks for the fourth of July.
This week we have the Lyon County Fair and there is also a parade tomorrow. It will be hard to leave this place that we have called home if I get a job somewhere else. But I can't wait to explore each place as it comes to me. Kendra

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