Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Johanna and Karl

Hey, So on August 6th, my sister-in-law Johanna and brother-in-law Karl will be moving away from the family. They will be moving to Hawaii as Karl is stationed there for at least three years. It's sad to see them go but exciting for them to explore the new adventures that will await them. What's hard for me is that we won't be able to see them go as we just can't find the time to make it up there before. Johanna is like the little sister that I never had. I love talking to her and even exchanging books with her. We have the same taste in books and it's a lot of fun. I had a blast of having a chance to hang out with her. We had a blast of a girls day. Karl and I got to know each other through our drive back and forth from Olathe to college. We had wonderful conversations in the car as we talked about what it was like to date a Mitts kid. We had a blast to just get to know each other. I know we will all miss them and we are glad that they are getting this chance. We love you Jojo and Karl! Kendra

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